ARCHERYoga is not just a combination, but a connection between traditional archery and yoga as both the asana (pose) and the philosophy. Most practitioners of both of these ancient arts would say that they induce a sense of focus, clarity and groundedness. There are many styles of archery which lend themselves to a more meditative practice, but yoga is now more well known and integrated into the modern world. While practicing ARCHERYoga we focus on breath, alignment, and the psychology behind loosing an arrow. There is also a science behind how the physical body works in your archery alignment, and ARCHERYoga teaches choreographed vinyasa (flow) class with certain yoga poses which increase strength ad flexibility. ARCHERYoga is empowerment, the yoking together of mind, body, spirit, and bow.


ARCHERYoga was created by Hannah in 2014. She found that the combination was what had given her a sense of empowerment in her own life. The knowledge of the anatomy of the body, the breaths of clarity, the movements of strength and flexibility, and the focus and determination of loosing an arrow all bound together and free to used when faced with the challenges of life. Hannah teaches ARCHERYoga workshops all around the globe. Check out the upcoming workshops or contact us to book ARCHERYoga near you.