Archery is a meditation; aiming through obstacles with fire and passion. It is, and has been for centuries, a piece of man kind in nearly every culture. Hannah has been teaching archery since the beginning of 2014. She was drawn to the bow and arrow as an expansion of her yoga practice, afterwards obtaining the knowledge that archery was in fact taught along side yoga in India. This eastern tradition of archery are know as Dhanurveda. Hannah's archery classes are based off of her study of Dhanurveda, Zen Archery, and the Traditional or Instinctive Archery techniques taught with Recurve and Longbows. Hannah's archery lessons include; gear (bow, finger tabs, arm guards, etc), which she explain how they are used and what they are used for, form and safety, with multiple yoga poses to aid in alignment, and breathing techniques, to expand the rib cage, contract your muscles, and calm your mind. Hannah's aim is to bring light on the meditation of archery and to Dhanurveda, a hidden gem of our history.