Hannah, from Omaha, NE, grew up with a love for all forms of art, especially dance and movement. Primarily a ballet and modern dancer, she had the privilege to travel and study in New York with the School of American Ballet and other major companies. Once it came time for college, her gypsy heart longed to venture beyond her hometown, but she stayed to study graphic design.

After the creative and experimental time she spent at school it was time to explore. She moved to Fort Collins, CO where she discovered a Massage Therapy course, fell in love with the hands on healing technique, and became certified. It was along this journey that she happened to take a yoga class. She had taken yoga at dance conventions before, but after the refreshment of exercise, all her passions had been rolled into one yoga practice. At that point she knew that this was her purpose; to heal, and project a healthy and happy lifestyle through her own therapeutic ideas, her unique talents and creativity. Since this realization, she has completed two yoga teacher trainings; and now teaches a variety of yoga and, with a move to the east coast, has been licensed to practice Ayurvedic Medicine through Kripalu.

Archery was made a part of Hannah's life within the first few months of landing in Sonoma County, CA. It was something she had always been draw to ever since the days of playing with toy

bows, in a head dress, with just the bottoms of her swim suite on. The moment Hannah picked up a real bow, that same feeling she had felt during her first yoga class arose; that this was meant to be and her sole had somehow deep down attached itself to the art of archery and she was meant to share it.

Hannah has been teaching traditional recurve and longbow archery since 2014. She now specializes in power yoga and has combined both these passions in to her ARCHERYoga workshop. Hannah is the founder of Karma Tales, a mobile wellness adventure outfitter thought Sonoma County, and co-founder, host, and producer of Healdsburg Social, the online video magazine of Healdsburg, CA. She is a fitness model and still finds the time to dance and preform.